Message from Cleonta

Imagine a world where our choices of notebooks and journals are not confined by images that don't resonate with our identity, especially as black and brown women in America. Every year, as I clear my office, I find myself discarding planners that, although functional, feel impersonal and detached from my reality.

Having spent the majority of my career in corporate America, I've routinely received the same nondescript notebooks, seemingly designed for everyone and yet no one. Yearly, I would anticipate Black History Month or Hispanic Latinx Heritage Month, hoping for planners that represented my heritage and experiences.

As I mature, both personally and as a mother, I ponder the lens through which my children will view the world. We're often encouraged to be our "authentic" selves, but how can we, when the tools available don't often reflect or champion our diverse identities?

This journey led to the birth of the DEIB Planner, rooted in the philosophy of SPIRAL:
People in
Advocacy, and

More than just an acronym, SPIRAL is a commitment. A commitment to ensure that as you plan your day, you're equipped with tools that recognize and celebrate diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

My aspiration extends beyond just crafting personalized planners. It's to guide black and brown individuals on their personal and professional journies, offering a creative haven for the art of note-taking and a deep understanding of intricacies like Microsoft Excel. My vision is a world where every note we take and every plan we make champions our authentic selves.

Together, let's SPIRAL towards a future where our tools reflect who we are.